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Who aim

Submitted by: Hind Alfahaad

Some women can't live identity and ideas for her that do not necessarily have to be the same ideas of community but forcing her community to think and live as there deems appropriate and she thus become confused between her ideas and vision or vision of the society that draws her life

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Aloosh shammari said:

Posted 3 years 42 weeks ago

Amazing photo

hend said:

Posted 3 years 42 weeks ago

Women where I come from can not create their proper identity or develop personal ideologies and thoughts no matter how similar or different to the public opinion merely because of social restrictions forcing her to mental slavery (following the public opinion and never think for herself). This issue affects her identity primarily. Confusing her, in other terms, since she considers herself as an individual yet not adequate according to society to draw her own image. Tanx Loujain

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